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Worth Every Penny!

This app made the trip to Hana a great experience. Ages 9-73 loved the information and stories told. Hats off to our guide. Hated the fish taco shop was closed when we stoped 😕, but the bbq was great! Plan on having cash, as no one took a card for food! Get this app!


Worth every penny and more. We found it very helpful and an amazing tour guide. From the time I turned it on I knew it was a must have. Loved everything about it!!! 6 Stars!

This app is why iPhones and GPS were invented!

Wow! This app...and specifically this narrator, made the trip to Hana not only super easy and stress-free, but also made it a completely enjoyable and educational experience for my wife and I and our two small kids. The directions and highlights are not only spot on, but also incredibly well timed thanks to the GPS. As a side note, play the soundtrack to the George Clooney movie “The Decendents” while this app is running, and it seems to time itself and creates an almost eerily perfect soundtrack for the narration (even better than the “dark side of the moon”/Wizard of Oz mashup.

Hana trip

I got this app the night before I took the family on the road to Hana. it was perfect it works without cell reception (which is most of the time) and has a very informative history lesson for the road back .it lets you play music in the background and alerts you before check points and commentary . definitely get this if you’re going to Hana it shows you all side beaches and attractions . it’s my fourth time on the road to Hana ,first time for the fam and using this app. next time I go I definitely look forward to hearing what new stuff it adds . 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠


So glad we used this app. I would not recommend going to Hana without it. It was amazing. Felt like my tour guy was literally in my car and the stories and historical lesson made it even more amazing. It was so good having someone give us heads up on the different spots to see and which ones were better to see vs treacherous to get to.

Grab the Wheel!!

Thank you Jesus you brought me back to Land!! Lord that Road to Hana without Xanax or Alcohol or anything that takes the edge of it is...... No words, just let Jesus grab the wheel and hold on to those prayers!! Special Thanks to the Driver, Chris girl! You’re awesome that t-shirt is coming: “I Bravely Drove to Hana” mine: “I almost 💩 my pants to Hana.” The view is incredible, so if you’re like Chills, Thrills at times Spills, this is for you! Make sure to download the App by GyPSy Guide, you’ll love it plus probably end up with a Masters in Hawaiian History; Fascinating! Anyways, it’s 5:00 pm here; HAPPY HOUR!! Señor Mío y Dios Mío! Gracias por traerme a tierra vivo y entero! Jesus Santísimo esa carretera Monte Arriba como el Filo de la Navaja en Busca de Cataratas y Paraísos Perdidos sin Dizepan, romo o sustancia tranquilizante alguna es definitivamente una experiencia religiosa así que agarren ese libro sagrado de su preferencia y entréguense a las oraciones! De corazón Muchísimas Gracias a nuestra conductora estrella, la cuñis Chris, mi hermana ese t-shirt viene: “Yo Subí Valientemente a Hana” el Mío dirá: “Yo casi me 💩 subiendo a Hana.” La vista es increíble, así que si a usted le gustan las emociones fuertes y el viaje e’adrenalina pompeando fuertemente dèle pa’lla sin pensarlo; eso sí bàjese la aplicación de GyPSy Guide, te encantará y seguramente tendrás un Máster en Historia de Hawaii! Buejjjjjjno, aquí son las 5:00 pm así que: HAPPY HOUR!!!

Absolutely Awesome

Buy it and stop searching! This will be the best money spent on your trip. We did the road to Hana on June 18, 2018 and the Gypsy Guide was awesome. We had done the trip 11 years earlier and there was no comparison. It gives a lot of very relevant advice based on where you are and also helps plan ahead by laying out choices down the road and helps pick where to stop and what to skip based on how early in the day it is. On the ride back you get a very interesting history of Maui that makes the long ride back actually enjoyable. Make sure you hook up sound to car stereo. Most rentals have Bluetooth you can pair with. Bring a charging cable and cigarette lighting adapter. battery will drain fast with this app. Our rental ford had a USB port but it created a conflict with bluetooth so sound wouldnt come out. I used the cigarette lighting adaptor for power instead of the usb port in the car to fix that.

Must Have

DO NOT do the road to Hana without this app. It’s the best, both for directions, and informative dialogue. My only complaint is that he forgot the t-shirts 😂😂😂

Like a digital personal tour guide

This app is fantastic. It made the road to Hana trip much more enjoyable by providing so much information about the journey and points of interest along the way. It also identified the best sites to see along the way. You start the app on your phone at the beginning of the trip and then it uses the GPS in your phone to provide commentary as you hit important points along the way. It was like have a digital personal tour guide right in your car. It works offline and is well worth the money.

Worth every penny!

Made for a really enriching experience. The drive would have been tedious without the app and we would have missed some really cool places.

You HAVE to have this!

I purchased this after reading an article in a local magazine, and it was worth every penny! We knew exactly where to stop and what to see. The ride back home was filled with awesome history. Can’t say enough - it is a MUST. So happy with it, that I purchased the Kauai tour as well since that is our next stop.

Worth the Price!!!

I hate paying for apps, but I would have paid double for this one. The narrator was knowledgeable, informative and funny. His anecdotal sense of humor made the information usable and interesting. His “top five” must do’s were spot on. If the goal is efficiency and not “dilly Dally” follow his suggestions to a tee. After the guide to Hana was complete, his history of Hawaii was a great way to spend the return ride. If you plan to do this trip, grab this app!!

Made our drive so easy!

We loved all of the directions and all of the stories and history...even safe driving tips! It was very entertaining, and it made the drive back go so quick! Highly recommend!


So helpful and informative....and never lost a signal even in the rainforest! I don’t know how it did it-we didn’t have service for most of the trip so this was a MUST

Wouldn’t do Hana Without It!

This audio tour was better than I expected and certainly better than anything we could have done on our own from advanced research. The road to Hana would not have been the same without this guide. We definitely appreciated the cultural and historical insights provided on the return trip.

First Time on the Road to Hana

Great app. Enjoyed the historical stories. Instructions were clear and understandable. Prompts came well ahead of any needed action.

Must Have App

Driving to Hana is a breeze with this app. Not only is it informative, but it is also great to listen to. It felt like we had a personal tour guide!

So unbelievably glad we got this app!

This app was very helpful for us as we were first time travelers on the road to Hana! Loved the details and precise instructions on our journey and not having to read or follow a map so we could all enjoy the ride. My only regret was not getting the full Maui tour app when we first arrived to Maui.

The only way to travel Hana Road

This was exactly what we needed to start our adventure to Hana. The app was fantastic with great information great history that made the trip enjoyable. What I enjoyed about it the most was on the way back after a long day it was only long because I chose to make it a long day, what is the history of Hawaii that was explained on the way home. What was great about it was it wasn’t a long story drawn out it would give you wonderful information about the history then it would pause for a minute or two then continue with the history so it would actually keep you awake And keep you wanting more. Thank you for this app.

Made the trip to Hana so much better!

Wow! This app was so worth the $. I read about it on a blog post on Pinterest and we were all amazed at the detail, the on the money highlights/opinions, the navigation and on the way back the island history. We would 100% not have had the same amazing experience on the trip without our guide!

An absolute MUST when doing the Road to Hana

This app was invaluable! Amazing, so incredibly impressed. Between the convertible and the app we had the BEST experience on the Road to Hana! We enjoyed how the commentator gave the top 5 places to visit along with other details along the way. Thoroughly enjoyed the Hawaiian history in the road back. It was like having your own, personal tour guide. Cannot recommend this app enough!

Do this one! Worth every penny!

It’s been months since my trip to Hana and I’m still talking about this app. I’m currently in Florence Italy and am wishing there was a Gypsy guise for here!

Beyond 5 stars!!!

This is the single best $6 I have ever spent in my lifetime. Honestly, for how succinct, informative, and helpful it is, I'm surprised that they are only charging $6. This app was a lifesaver. I didn't have that much time to plan my trip to Hana and Gypsy Guide totally saved the day. It not only described the different attractions along the way, but also pointed them out ahead of time so you had time to decide whether that stop was for you. Additionally, it ranked the stops. So, if you have to budget your time, you can get the "most bang for your buck" as far as the overall Hana experience goes. AND, it gave a little history of Maui to listen to on the return trip. Pretty much, this app was a little tour guide that I could bring along with me. Very very well done.

Well worth every cent

The concierge team at our hotel recommended that we buy this app before we drove down to Hana and back. While at first a bit skeptical about the cost, I found the tour to be super helpful and entertaining! It obviously helped that he was spot-on because of GPS in terms of pointing out every landmark and giving us a good amount of warning before relevant landmarks or turns off the road. My only advice would be to resist the urge to click on any audio icons if it looked like they were 'skipped' - my wife had understandably done this at first, but we only realized later that it was because the narrator was saving some commentary (particularly historical commentary) for the ride back. As such, definitely a well-designed app that worked even better than we expected!

Hana’s 5/2018 excellent adventure!

I was referred this app by a couple I met at the summit of Haleakalā at sunrise. They had been referred by another couple, who had been referred by another. I downloaded the Gypsy app and my birthday baby (daughter turning 30) and I took off from Kaanapali to Paia on the road to Hana! We found the app, including narration, tips and inside info to be helpful and highly inspirational! We recommended it to many other people we met before our departure back to the mainland. Thanks very much Gypsy!!!

Outstanding App!!!

While my wife and I were flying to Maui, a fellow passenger recommended your road to Hana app. I had already read a travel book on Maui, felt everything was highlighted and ready to go. We started out with your app, and very quickly realized if I had used my travel book, I would have been “head down” instead of looking at the beautiful scenery. This app is so professionally done, absolutely amazing. Coming back from Hana we learned so much about Hawaiian history and culture. I would recommend this app to everyone!

Does not work w/ AT&T

We were so excited to use this app. We heard great things. Once we were approximately 10 miles in we lost our signal using AT&T. We never got a signal back. Wish I had the CD.

Echols Muhammad

This was awesome!! Very informative, educational and his voice was exciting. We were very attentive to his history of Maui, stayed on edge waiting for him to return to pick up his story and continue the lesson.

Lack of information

The app didn’t tell us that the Pools of ‘Ohe’o is indefinitely closed. And this was one of their 5 highly recommended spots, and you have to travel another 45 min of winding road at 10 mph to get there. We were lucky that we researched before hand than solely rely on the app. It would have been nice if they provided more information about what to look at at each of the 5 recommended spots instead of general commentary and the fictional past of Hawaii. It can be used as a general guide to Hana but I’d strongly suggest to do research on your own first.


Can’t even explain how wonderful this app was it worked perfect it told us what stops were worth passing. A couple of the stops it would tell us a little story about it when we got back in the car I loved it and I was so thankful I found it before our trip. I Purchased the book but you would’ve had to pay attention to the mile markers where this app was a GPS that it was right on and perfect.

Best app ever created!!

My Son in law recommended this app for our road to Hana trip. Every detail was perfect, great timing and spot on. The history about Hawaii on the way back was very interesting and enlightening. I would recommend this app to anyone doing the road to Hana trip. Well done Hana Gypsy!!

We had an amazing tour guide!!!

This app was well put together. I have never been so happy to pay for an app. Thank you so much sir for putting all this effort into creating such an awesome guide to go through and see all the sides of the road to Hana my husband and my husband enjoyed listening to you as deadeye it made our trip so much better! You made a really difficult trip for my husband much more doable with your comments:) God Bless you! We loved it!!! This is a must buy if you were going to be traveling to Hana:)!!! We met so many other tourist using the same app it’s pretty awesome!! We also met coconut Willy who was a great man and a US veteran!

A “must” if you are on the Rod to Hana

I’ve never written a review for anything, yet I feel this one time warrants the change. We downloaded this app prior to leaving for the day, and found it extremely helpful and valuable. Much better than a map, totally easier than a guidebook. It made our trip enjoyable and easy. Way to go!!

Happy Vacay

The Road to Hana App was fantastic; with the exception of the repeated commentary on the missionary’s piece, everything else helped us maximize our fun and time during this trip! Worth every penny!!

Great addition to the trip!

We enjoyed playing this guide. It was VERY helpful, with lots of info about Hawaiian history thrown in for the ride back! The man has a nice voice, too.


We couldn’t have done the Road to Hana without you! Thanks for making it such an enjoyable trip also filled with a touch of historY. We felt like we had a tour guide/friend in our car. Will recommend to anyone coming to Maui. :)

Best Thing Ever

If I didn’t have this app I would have missed all of the best spots on the road to Hana. I named the man that talks on this app Greg just for fun. Well Tour Guide Greg did such an amazing job in letting me know when a great location was coming up to when a steep turn was approaching. I was just in amazement with the knowledge this app has and really brought a more enjoyable ride. Thank you Greg for being a funny and informative tour guide and I wish I could tip you more then just paying for this app.

Best Road to Hana companion App!

We heard about this app from a woman at our hotel the night before our drive down the road to Hana. We nicknamed our guide Hank and it helped us out so much having him guide us and we really enjoyed the commentary along the way. Great way to get the best of both worlds and have a guide while going at your own pace. The app even worked when we had no cell phone service. Highly recommend!

Super helpful

As first timers, we found this to be invaluable. Books or cds can’t match the real-time map ‘triggers’ for this guided tour!!

We were so glad chose this app rather than taking a tour.

There were 4 of us and we already had a rental car so it was definitely the way to go. Highly recommend.

Best guide for road to Hana

You can have your personal guide with you and you can pause him when ever you need. Excellent attention to detail so you know when to pull off the trail before you miss the turns. The guide lets you prioritize and help schedule your route so you know if your getting behind with the day events. The very best is at the very end, the big waterfalls are well worth the little hike. He also includes allot of history and points out the details along the way. The garden of Eden is a paid stop but well worth it.

Great History Lesson

The narrator sounds like Tom Selleck and provides a lot of valuable info, humor and history of all the sites and the Hawaiian people and its history. Takes you to all the best and popular stops and gives you an insight to each stop ahead of time. Loved our trip with all the valuable information we will never forget.

Must buy if driving the Hana Hwy!

My husband and I found this app indispensable during our trip down the Hana Hwy. It gave precise directions about where to stop and visit or simply pull over for a view and which sites were must-see vs which we could skip completely, save for a later visit, or include if we had extra time. It also helped pass the the long drive with interesting historical and cultural information about both Hawaii in general and Maui and Hana specifically.

Can only be used from one starting point

We tried to do the tour in the other direction. Instead of getting any tips about sight seeing locations, we got limited history instead. It would make more sense to allow for guided points at a gps location, regardless of which direction you are going in a circular drive. Pretty disappointed in the app experience, although I do hear it’s nice if you go the “preferred” route.

Highly recommended!

I’m so glad we used this app! It tells you about all the important things to see along the road, and what stops are worth spending time on. Very informative, especially if it’s your first time to drive the road. On the way to Hana it gives you information about the stops and what to see along the road; on the way back it was a lot of historical information which was very educational as well as entertaining.

Well worth the investment

Very professional with all sorts of info about the history of Maui and hints where to pull out for sight seeing. Make sure to have enough juice in your phone though as it is a long drive!

Excellent app!

Heard about this app when we wanted to drive The Road to Hana in Maui. It was well worth the purchase as, not only did the app point out key attractions along the route, it also gave tips for where to park and “what not to miss”. On the way back we got an informative account of Hawaiian history. It also gave interesting facts along the way such as the squirrel looking rodents we saw were mongoose and how they got introduced to the island of Maui. Excellent app. Will use it again for other journeys!

Get it! It is so worth the $

Works like a GPS. Pleasant voice. Made the trip super easy! Great tips! Enjoyed the history learned while driving. We did not know the Hawaiians killed Cpt. Cook. Very enjoyable, we looked forward to hearing what was coming next each time we got back in the car. They also have a Maui app and can get both for like $10 or so. If we would have known ahead of time we would have got that!

Simply Amazing

I cannot recommend this app enough. Well worth the price. It worked perfectly for us and integrated well with the music we had playing from the same phone during our drive (music lowered in volume during voice overs). The guide was warm and easy to listen to. The storytelling on the way back was a very nice touch. I look forward to downloading more of these guides for future travel!

We named him Cliff Bridges

With the road to Hana being a spectacular adventure with breathtaking cliffs and heart-stopping one-lane bridges, we thought it only appropriate to name our virtual tour guide, and day-long companion Cliff Bridges. Loved this app, the guided tour, fun facts and history lesson. This app is a must have if you are driving the road to Hana.

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