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Gypsy Hana app worth the money- must buy

Heard about app from friend. Thought guide books were enough. No way. Gypsy’s narration was timely thoughtful and helpful. Told us where to turn and what stops to make and avoid. Invaluable. By the end the narrator felt like a family member and I know way more about Hawaiian history than I thought possible. We waited for our goodbye sign off sadly. Only note- Maui stables sign not on road by Lindbergh grave.

Totally Worth It

Made the road to Hana an amazing and informative experience. The narrator is a hoot. Very laidback but full of great tips and trivia.


This app was awesome!!! I couldn’t imagine driving the Road to Hana without this app. It was very entertaining and super informative. His commentary and suggestions matched with where we were on the road perfectly. I learned a lot about the history of Hawaii’s kings and queens and how they ended up being our 50th state. Well done!!!

Highly recommend this app

We had heard great comments from other hotel guests so glad we listened loved the tips going and the great history of the island coming back was most enjoyable. We recommend the app to other guests

Fantastic App!!!

This app is perfect for first time Road to Hana travelers or those who have made the trek before. The prompts are informative but not destructing. They tell you all the best places to stop and where is a waste of time. I felt like I didn’t waste any precious daylight at places that weren’t worth the walk or hassle of parking. So glad to have found this app!!! Great purchase for a good price.

Thank you!

I forgot my guidebook at home and met a random stranger who recommended it our family use this app while traveling the road to Hana. We all enjoyed the commentary and appreciated all of the recommended stops. Thank you so much for this brilliant app!

Best $6 you’ll spend on Maui

If you don’t mind driving yourself there, DO NOT pay $100+ per person to have some van tour drive you out there. This app is everything you need. Awesome to have four drive out to Hana.

Best app for Hana!!

So many things to say. First, I am impressed at the fact I lost cell service but this app knew exactly where I was and continued to work. You can tell there was a lot of hard work put into this app. I don’t know who voices it, but my boyfriend and I decided to call him “Fred”. We decided to listen to all of Fred’s suggestions, like getting of Keane and stopping for banana bread, and those were some of the best parts of the trip! It felt great to turn the music off in the car and just wait for fun facts about Maui from Fred as we were driving. I also appreciate how on the way Fred goes into the history of Maui, and he didn’t sugarcoat anything. We did the road to Hana our first day into our trip, so we felt very acquainted with the history of it by the time we hit a Luau or saw historical markers. I recommend this app to everyone!! Good job Fred!! Thanks for being our friend on the road to Hana!!!

Road to Hana

A must have in the Road to Hana! The guide was helpful and informative without bring preachy. Helped us make decisions not only about where to stop but more importantly where NOT to stop. Had a few minor glitches where it skipped a few narratives but overall the content was just perfect.

Missing the waterfalls

I dreamed of swimming in waterfalls on the road to Hana and this tour did not recommend stopping at any of them. It kept promising better things ahead. I did not plan to see trees and a paid garden. The best stop was the black sand beach. Oheo gulch was closed but luckily I had read ahead to prevent another 45 minutes wasted. I had planned all my stops ahead and missed them due to the recommendations of this guy. The voice droning on was not amusing on the way back. I should have followed other plans.

Fantastic app

Can’t say enough great things about this guide. Not only do you get great recommendations on what places to stop and what to avoid. But, you also get great tips along the way including driving etiquette and safety info. The narrator is also very pleasant to listen to and gives a wonderful summary of Hawaii’s history on the way home. Best part, is the app is totally hands free as the narrator just chimes in at all the right times. So, you get all the timely info while keeping your eye on the road.

Born to Roc

Wouldn’t start half into the trip.

Da Best Tour Guide!

Family enjoyed this app which described in detail the best spots in Hana!

Fantastic Helpful App

5.99 was a total score on this App. We loved our tour guide and will miss him. We named him Roger. We followed about 80% of his suggestions and did the rest out of Maui Revealed. The App was fairly current but needs to update the 7 sacred Oheo pools are currently closed. Otherwise, it’s a Must!!


This was so incredibly helpful, informative and totally spot on! Best $5 I have ever spent.


We loved this app so much. We didn’t hear his name so called him George - and oh boy was he super helpful. From where to stop to eat to where not to stop. I do recommend making your own decisions on where to stop but his top 5 were good ideas. We didn’t have time for all. We also went all the way around the island even though he doesn’t give an opinion. The first 10 miles past Lindbergh’s grave wasn’t the best and I was regretting the decision, but it got infinitely better.

Don’t leave for trip without it!!

When we saw the app we weren’t sure that we wanted to spend the $6 on it cause you never know. I can’t stress enough that this app is a must have for a self guided tour! You will not feel alone and you will gain a lot of knowledge! Trust me!! Get the app!!

Best app!

Truly an amazing app very informative and funny! The voiceover was very funny and made sure we didn’t miss a thing that was important to view!! Totally a must when the road to Hana. No signal once you start the road so maps is no good and a regular paper map doesn’t give you the must stops. This even mentions great food places to stop

Road to Hana....Drive without a time clock!

Be a courageous driver. It helps others remain mindful.

Road to Hana

Great way to experience the drive and educational too!

Absolutely amazing

This was SO HELPFUL while driving the road to Hana. Amazing points and very informative and great and easy to listen to. 150% recommend this app for the ride to Hana!!

Well worth the money

We downloaded this app for our road to Hana trip thanks to the forum on TripAdvisor. I would have paid even more than this for the app as it was so helpful and made the journey much more enjoyable. We ran it on Bluetooth through the rental car speakers and it was like having our own personal tour guide. A must get if you are doing the road to hana!!!!

Way better than I thought it would be!

For $6, this app was way better than I thought it would be for the price! Loved the must - do chimes, the detours, and the extra commentary. The only thing I would change is giving a little more of a heads up before sites. We left early in the morning, with no one else on the road, so some times we had to turn back because we’d pass them at a faster than the normal midday pace. We loved the app though!! Would suggest to friends!! 5+ stars!!

Felt like we had our own private tour guide

Exceptional way to visit Hana! The return trip was even enjoyable. (The last time we did the Road to Hana, I slept the entire way home.) We all really enjoyed the historical background and information. Would definitely recommend this tour.

Memorable Trip to Hana

This app really made our trip to Hana memorable. We saw so many amazing sights we would have just driven passed if we didn’t have this app. My husband and I loved all the “must dos” and felt like listening to the app the whole way really made the ride more enjoyable and educational.

The must-have app for Hana!

This app was an absolute lifesaver. I downloaded it a night before we left on The Road to Hana and it might be the best $5.99 I’ve ever spent. Think of it as a guided tour, only so much cheaper than what you would pay an actual tour guide company to drive you down the road. The driving to Hana is not the hard part (some parts get tight, but nothing too sketchy), it’s picking the right spots to stop and see. This app does a great job of telling you about all the things you’re seeing on the road while also suggesting the things you should skip. It’s not that there are any bad stops on this road per se, but without this guide we probably just would have pulled off the road when we saw other cars doing the same and would have missed out on a lot of the biggest highlights of our drive. Can’t recommend this app enough.

Awesome Guide!!!

This audio made a huge difference. We loved the tips and information that was given. The tour was very accurate and I would use this app again. Awesome Job!!

Love it!

This app is worth every penny! I highly recommend it. I would recommend to bundle all the necessary apps that one will use for the visited islands to save money.

Waste of money

The app only told us one key point then drained my phone battery for waiting for it.

The Road to Hana

We were told about this app from a lady working at a gas station. Right at the beginning of the drive. It was extremely helpful and informative all along the drive. A must have in my opinion.


Great app! We really liked it. Felt like we had a private tour! Also enjoyed the stories on the ride back. Worth the $6! Thank you!


My husband hates most phone technology, was hesitant about using this app, BUT is now a HUGE fan! It made what can be a difficult journey very simple and enjoyable! We both look forward to using other Gypsy Guides. This truly maximized our experience while on the road to Hana!

Great work!

This was amazing. Downloaded it last minute and it worked like a charm. Really enjoyed the recommendations and a couple times we stopped when it told us to keep going and he ended up being right. My 10 year old was all about it on the way back learning about the history of the island. We will watch for their apps in our future travels. Probably my favorite app experience in the last five years. Very impressed.

Worth the money!

This app is great! It’s a fabulous guide and tells you which places are great. It also gives you historical information as you drive.

Good app

This app works wonderfully. Gives you plenty of time before the stops and guides you through the entire trip with fact and stories

100% Recommend.

This app made our drive go so smoothly. Not only does he tell you his favorite and recommended spots - but he’ll tell you based on how much time you have what’s okay to skip. He tells you in advance what’s coming up, and then reminds you again when it’s closer. He keeps the drive light and full of fun facts about each stop, and then on the way back tells you a brief but rich history on the islands and how they came to be. I don’t think I would ever do Hana again without this app. It made it so easy to navigate and he even gives tips on how to best handle the extremely curvy roads. I don’t often leave reviews but thought this one was worth coming back with a positive review! Definitely recommend.

Great App.

This app was amazing. Very helpful and informative with a touch of humor. So glad we used it.

Highly Recommend

If you plan on driving the Road to Hana by yourself then this app is a must have. Great commentary throughout. Goes over the history of Hawaii on the return journey and points out all the important sites along the way. I would recommend leaving at 6 AM or before if you plan on taking your time at stops.

Incredible guide for our drive to Hana!

Wow this app made for an excellent guide when we drove to Hana. I was a little skeptical at first, but I actually was incredibly impressed by how easy it was. Just make sure you have a car charger and you should be good to go! One note: it would be nice to see a little more from the app itself, like some text/picture descriptions to scroll through in addition to the audio, but the audio was perfect and the geofenced audio triggers worked perfectly!

OMG terrific app

Our journey on the road to Hana would have been so much less informative if we did not stumble across this app. We felt like the “tour guide” was riding right with us in the car. The information was great and he helped us prioritize what we wanted to see because there is just so much to see. Definitely worth the cost of the app and more!

A must use!!!

We are not planners!! We do everything spur of the moment and unorganized! The concierge at our hotel recommended this app as a guide tool and I am so glad we took the time to download it!!!!!! Such a big help and so informative👍

Perfect! Just right!

Very accurate and insightful! Just the right amount of info. We loved this app! Well worth the price. Don’t waste your money on a tour bus! Two suggestions to make even better. 1) make a “reverse stop trip” & allow user to choose direction. We made most stops on our way back so the details would have been helpful. 2) allow users to flag the stops they want to hit on the way back so they can see when they’re coming up on the map.

Fantastic- nicely done

Downloaded on a whim and so glad we had this guide with us on our trip to hana- detailed and to the point-worth every cent!

Road to Hana

Great app! Keeps up with where you’re at in your drive and lets you know exactly where to turn and what you’ll see at each stop. This way you can decide if it’s a place you want to see or skip and keep driving.


Easy to use and very helpful. Relaxing voice

Worth Every Penny!

This app made the trip to Hana a great experience. Ages 9-73 loved the information and stories told. Hats off to our guide. Hated the fish taco shop was closed when we stoped 😕, but the bbq was great! Plan on having cash, as no one took a card for food! Get this app!


Worth every penny and more. We found it very helpful and an amazing tour guide. From the time I turned it on I knew it was a must have. Loved everything about it!!! 6 Stars!

This app is why iPhones and GPS were invented!

Wow! This app...and specifically this narrator, made the trip to Hana not only super easy and stress-free, but also made it a completely enjoyable and educational experience for my wife and I and our two small kids. The directions and highlights are not only spot on, but also incredibly well timed thanks to the GPS. As a side note, play the soundtrack to the George Clooney movie “The Decendents” while this app is running, and it seems to time itself and creates an almost eerily perfect soundtrack for the narration (even better than the “dark side of the moon”/Wizard of Oz mashup.

Hana trip

I got this app the night before I took the family on the road to Hana. it was perfect it works without cell reception (which is most of the time) and has a very informative history lesson for the road back .it lets you play music in the background and alerts you before check points and commentary . definitely get this if you’re going to Hana it shows you all side beaches and attractions . it’s my fourth time on the road to Hana ,first time for the fam and using this app. next time I go I definitely look forward to hearing what new stuff it adds . 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠


So glad we used this app. I would not recommend going to Hana without it. It was amazing. Felt like my tour guy was literally in my car and the stories and historical lesson made it even more amazing. It was so good having someone give us heads up on the different spots to see and which ones were better to see vs treacherous to get to.

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