Road to Hana Maui GyPSy Guide App Recensioni

Very useful, but disrespectful I think

This app was very useful on the way to Hana. It would have been very difficult to choose where to stop given the myriad options. This app concisely gives you your options and just the right amount of guidance. The history on the way back is told in an engaging way, with pauses so you can discuss with your car mates. One thing I will say: I think he intentionally glosses over the violence wrought upon native Hawaiians by Europeans and Americans. He calls the behavior of the Native Hawaiians “adulterous” (imposing rigid, Victorian mores on an entire society without proper contextual info). He also does not spend enough time on how schools and churches were an instrument of racism. The fact that Hawaiians were prohibited from speaking Hawaiian at schools gets a very brief mention.

Road to Hana Gypsy App

Application initiated but once we hit the road... no signal!!!! Useless!!

Awesome App for the Road to Hana

Enjoyed by the entire family! Helped keep our group of 2 separate cars on track! Great narration and very informative

A necessity!

This was the best tour app ever. The Gypsy is knowledgeable, funny, and understands the route like the back of its hand. A definite purchase! You’ll be able to enjoy your adventure even more with Gypsy!

Awesome App

This app was awesome and glad I stumbled across it in a YouTube video. It’s like having your own personal guide in your car. He is funny and has great advise on parking and stops! A must have!

Best use of my money for the whole trip

Just an awesome guided tour.

Amazing App

This was so great for the Road to Hana! I don’t know the narrator’s name but we named him Sam and he was fantastic and made the trip less stressful.

Road To Hana. Great app!

This app was awesome and very accurate! Made the drive to Hana more enjoyable and very informative! I was so happy not to have to read a map so I didn’t get car sick as the passenger! I highly recommend the app!

Needs more hidden waterfall trails

I really wish he would’ve given you all the trails to all the waterfall through the drive and what to expect not just his favorites. I was told there were so many hidden waterfalls that you can hike to that we didn’t see. Other than that he was very informative and a great app.



Crashes when you need it

App is very buggy. It started off amazing and the narration and guide is excellent. However, several miles into the trip the audio stopped working several times and the navigation would slow down and then take much longer to update our current location. I did everything I could to give it another chance. I restarted the app, restarted my phone, each time it would work for a bit and then frustratingly give up again. I even connected to WiFi (very difficult on the Road to Hana!) to see if that helped but nope. Very disappointing.

Must have

This app was amazing. It really helped us out for our trip to the road to Hana. Very informative and very helpful tips. He gives you 5 must see stops along with other places to go if you head out early enough. The audio always played at the right time so we didn’t miss anything!

Get this app

Very informative and easy to listen to. Worked perfectly even though there are many spots with little to no cell phone reception.


This app was truly amazing! It made our trip so enjoyable and easy, it was a no brainer. It’s a Must Have if you’re doing the Road to Hana.

Highly recommended

Best app of Maui for traveling! Must have for road to Hana. We would have missed so many good viewing points without it!


A must have!!!!

Best tour guide ever!

These were the $6 best invested of my life. We used the app and it was like having my personal tour guide in the car with us. We enjoyed the must view places, as well as many of the other recommendations. We also enjoyed the Hawaiian history on our way back. Thanks for creating this app, well done!

Hana road trip

We used the Gyspy app for our Road to Hana trip today. It was awesome!! Very informative and lots of history.

Perfect Companion for Road to Hana

Uncle Hana, as we lovingly took to calling the narrator, was super helpful in giving us the best trip possible on the road to Hana. We got to see some sights we would have missed otherwise, and also appreciated the reminders to be respectful of areas we were visiting. Highly recommend, worth the purchase!


The best $$$ I’ve ever spent on an app. Made the 6-7 hour drive totally entertaining. I highly recommend getting this

Don’t do the Road to Hana without this!

This app was the best tour guide! Followed all his recommendations on a timeline and where to start. The one time we didn’t follow his recommendation was when we stopped at The Garden of Eden. Although the plants were lovely to see, in my opinion it wasn’t worth the $15 per person entry fee. And I loved his history of Hawaii he provided on the way back. Look no further. Absolutely a must.

Survived Hana Drive

Outstanding guide - both to and from! A must have, ideal for those who only want to stop at key locations - and if you start early all locations as well! Well worth the cost!

Fantastic app

On point, accurate, informative. Really enjoyed learning about history of Hawaii islands on our way back.

Road to Hana

This was an EXCELLENT tour guide from beginning to end!!! Highly recommend this app for your trip!

Excellent App

This APP was an amazing help to my husband and I as we drive to HAna. Best money ever spent on an App!

Amazing tour!

Worth every penny. Learned so much and experienced so much on the road while not worrying about the map and where to turn. Highly recommend.

A must have

Glad I found this app on recommendation of a beach vendor !! If you plan to drive this is must have companion Download and connect with Bluetooth to your car system. I think this would be much better that or as good as a guided tour !! No cellular connection needed.

Amazing guide!! Road to Hana

We couldn’t have figured out where to go without his guide! We could handle the driving but we need help on where to stop along the way! This was wonderful and really helped us and was very entertaining to listen to. Thank you for developing this app for those of us who didn’t wanna spend a fortune to experience Road to Hana!!!

Awesome app!

We used the app while doing the Road to Hāna last week! It was amazing! So helpful! There were so many stops we were overwhelmed. The app helped us navigate what to do and what not to do. We loved the stories and history and the overall experience was fantastic! One thing I would have enjoyed was music between the stops and stories. Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable!

Great your guide!

Love this app! Directions are on point and we love the side stories and history about Hawaii! Best deal u can get!

This App Rocks!

We used this app for our family drive recently on the road to Hana. Our entire family, including my teenage kids loved the commentary and insights - they affectionately nicknamed him “ Grandpa Bill”. My son especially enjoyed his sense of humor. Even the return trip back was entertaining with his history of the islands. I highly recommend this tour app to anyone making this trip-absolutely worth the cost. One tip- get on the road early to give yourself enough time to enjoy everything- we left at 6:15 am and could have benefitted from a 5:30 am start.

Very helpful

So glad I found this app the night before we were going to drive the Road to Hana. I was a bit overwhelmed with where exactly the good stops along the road will be but this app helped a lot and made deciding a lot easier. It recommended the must-see sights and the stops you can just pass on by. The beauty of it though is that it is still your choice whether or not you want to do or not do what the app says. It gave driving tips and ethics for the drive. I also liked that on the way back the app made the car ride more interesting by giving a bit of hawaiian history. Also for those who’s going to do the Road to Hana I suggest you start very early and don’t forget to pack a raincoat (even an umbrella maybe) the weather inside the rainforest is very unpredictable. There’s a lot of beautiful places to take pictures at but beware of the mosquitoes.

Great app!

My wife and ten year old loved it! Really informative and the stories and history on the ride back were a great touch.

Worth the money

Initially I felt this was expensive for an app that I would only use once but it was very informative and entertaining. I highly recommend it to anyone who drives the road to Hana.

Gypsy Hana app worth the money- must buy

Heard about app from friend. Thought guide books were enough. No way. Gypsy’s narration was timely thoughtful and helpful. Told us where to turn and what stops to make and avoid. Invaluable. By the end the narrator felt like a family member and I know way more about Hawaiian history than I thought possible. We waited for our goodbye sign off sadly. Only note- Maui stables sign not on road by Lindbergh grave.

Totally Worth It

Made the road to Hana an amazing and informative experience. The narrator is a hoot. Very laidback but full of great tips and trivia.


This app was awesome!!! I couldn’t imagine driving the Road to Hana without this app. It was very entertaining and super informative. His commentary and suggestions matched with where we were on the road perfectly. I learned a lot about the history of Hawaii’s kings and queens and how they ended up being our 50th state. Well done!!!

Highly recommend this app

We had heard great comments from other hotel guests so glad we listened loved the tips going and the great history of the island coming back was most enjoyable. We recommend the app to other guests

Fantastic App!!!

This app is perfect for first time Road to Hana travelers or those who have made the trek before. The prompts are informative but not destructing. They tell you all the best places to stop and where is a waste of time. I felt like I didn’t waste any precious daylight at places that weren’t worth the walk or hassle of parking. So glad to have found this app!!! Great purchase for a good price.

Thank you!

I forgot my guidebook at home and met a random stranger who recommended it our family use this app while traveling the road to Hana. We all enjoyed the commentary and appreciated all of the recommended stops. Thank you so much for this brilliant app!

Best $6 you’ll spend on Maui

If you don’t mind driving yourself there, DO NOT pay $100+ per person to have some van tour drive you out there. This app is everything you need. Awesome to have four drive out to Hana.

Best app for Hana!!

So many things to say. First, I am impressed at the fact I lost cell service but this app knew exactly where I was and continued to work. You can tell there was a lot of hard work put into this app. I don’t know who voices it, but my boyfriend and I decided to call him “Fred”. We decided to listen to all of Fred’s suggestions, like getting of Keane and stopping for banana bread, and those were some of the best parts of the trip! It felt great to turn the music off in the car and just wait for fun facts about Maui from Fred as we were driving. I also appreciate how on the way Fred goes into the history of Maui, and he didn’t sugarcoat anything. We did the road to Hana our first day into our trip, so we felt very acquainted with the history of it by the time we hit a Luau or saw historical markers. I recommend this app to everyone!! Good job Fred!! Thanks for being our friend on the road to Hana!!!

Road to Hana

A must have in the Road to Hana! The guide was helpful and informative without bring preachy. Helped us make decisions not only about where to stop but more importantly where NOT to stop. Had a few minor glitches where it skipped a few narratives but overall the content was just perfect.

Missing the waterfalls

I dreamed of swimming in waterfalls on the road to Hana and this tour did not recommend stopping at any of them. It kept promising better things ahead. I did not plan to see trees and a paid garden. The best stop was the black sand beach. Oheo gulch was closed but luckily I had read ahead to prevent another 45 minutes wasted. I had planned all my stops ahead and missed them due to the recommendations of this guy. The voice droning on was not amusing on the way back. I should have followed other plans.

Fantastic app

Can’t say enough great things about this guide. Not only do you get great recommendations on what places to stop and what to avoid. But, you also get great tips along the way including driving etiquette and safety info. The narrator is also very pleasant to listen to and gives a wonderful summary of Hawaii’s history on the way home. Best part, is the app is totally hands free as the narrator just chimes in at all the right times. So, you get all the timely info while keeping your eye on the road.

Born to Roc

Wouldn’t start half into the trip.

Da Best Tour Guide!

Family enjoyed this app which described in detail the best spots in Hana!

Fantastic Helpful App

5.99 was a total score on this App. We loved our tour guide and will miss him. We named him Roger. We followed about 80% of his suggestions and did the rest out of Maui Revealed. The App was fairly current but needs to update the 7 sacred Oheo pools are currently closed. Otherwise, it’s a Must!!


This was so incredibly helpful, informative and totally spot on! Best $5 I have ever spent.

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