Road to Hana Maui GyPSy Guide App Reviews

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A perfect App to guide you through all sights and the entire day! A must-have for everyone driving the road to Hana!

Dont leave home without it

One of the best apps Ive bought. Excellent way to drive the road to Hana without the need to read a book or map to figure out where to stop, where to slow down and what to skip. Invaluable.

Turn a good trip into a great one

My family and I spent 9 hours on Mauis "Road to Hana" and return yesterday and used this app for both directions. "App Man" as my children named him was fantastic. The suggestions on where to stop were excellent and perfectly timed. The history and stories told on the return trip were interesting and helped wile away the hours on the drive back. Well done! We will seek out more Gypsy Guides for future travels.

No Lava Tubes

We loved this app for our drive, was great and full of good info and telling you where to stop until we got back and realized we missed the Hana Lava Tubes! No mention of them at all! So now were really disappointed.

Best thing you could do for this journey

You will not be disappointed if you download this app! It keeps you entertained the whole way there and back without being annoying. Saw stuff we would have missed otherwise and as first-time visitors to Hawaii also learned a lot about the culture & history. Felt like when the narrator left we were losing a friend. :)

Absolutely amazing!

This app was even better than I had read on TripAdvisor! It was like having our own personal tour guide in the car. It worked perfectly even when I had ZERO cell phone reception. Couldnt recommend it more highly.


Just did the road to Hana and this app was perfect. So many interesting bits of information and history. Loved the fact that it was GPS based so info was timed to where we were. Word of warning if renting a Ford- you cant have your phone synched to Sync. The app will randomly cut out. As soon as we unpaired the phone it worked perfectly.

Great app!

This app is fabulous. Works great. Timed perfectly. Even tells you how youre doing time wise. It assumes a 1 day trip to Hana and picks the 5 must do stops while telling you everything else thats along the way. Ends with a short history of Hawaii. Fascinating.

So Worth It

Really liked the App. Was full of great information. Needs to be a little more exact on some info. (Tree on right, green gates on right, etc) We did not turn back so missed info for return. If continue on, roads are not bad. A little rough but we live in the country so nothing new for us. Was a beautiful drive.

Mustang Sallys

We thoroughly enjoyed the app for the drive to Hana on a with outstanding weather. But please remove the "highly recommended" stop at the coffee shop and "several stands on the left". They were simply nasty and dont even think about the porta potties that are there.

Mowie Wowie

This app was so awesome! My fiancé and I downloaded it, and were a tad skeptical but it turned out to be the best little guide for us! We felt like the voice was our best friend in the back seat with us- and read our minds throughout the tour (like where to get great food, coffee, etc.). The history on the way back was cool too! The whole day was amazing and something I will remember for the rest of my life! Def download this app to guide you through the road to Hana. Oh and stop to get tacos @the fish market in the end- really hit the spot for us!

Best Road to Hana App!

My husband and I just used this app today on the Road to Hana. Our adventure would not have been the same without the commentators recommendations, tips, and stories. The timing of the places to stop were spot on. This is the closest thing to having an actual tour guide in your car. On the way back, he gives a very informative and interesting breakdown of the history of Hawaii. It made the time fly by as we looked at the beautiful scenery.

Great APP

Made the trip easier and fun. Its stops all the arguments you would of had with your wife.

Amazing App

It amazed me that this app knew where we were even though we had no cell connection for much of the journey. Loved the history and all the points of interest along the way. The cheapest tour guide and nothing was lost with the money saved.

Road to Hana

This app is one of the best travel ones I have ever used! Well worth the $5!!!! If you are going to Hana get this app!!!

Invaluable Guide - A Must Have

We took the drive to Hana (and beyond) yesterday and without this guide we would have passed by most of the "must see" stops along the road. This is definitely a "dont leave home without it" app if you intend to make the journey via self-guided tour by car.

Excellent trip guide!

Having someone along for the ride, who knows the history and all the good spots to eat and see the best sights, made this trip our favorite day of this vacation! Start EARLY, like 7AM, so you have time to savor the beautiful winding roads and amazing vistas. Take it slow and go to the pools at the end, beautiful! Thanks for making the trip awesome!!


Great history and trim by turn directions to all important sites

A must!!!

So informative and entertaining!! Made the drive so much more meaningful!!

Incredible Tutorial!!

Highly recommend this audio tutorial for your drive to Hana. The info throughout the drive is spot on. The directions and notations to stop and pull over are timely and informative. The drive back towards the resorts has an awesome history lesson that keeps you wanting the next piece of history.

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