Road to Hana Maui GyPSy Guide App Reviews

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Best thing you could do for this journey

You will not be disappointed if you download this app! It keeps you entertained the whole way there and back without being annoying. Saw stuff we would have missed otherwise and as first-time visitors to Hawaii also learned a lot about the culture & history. Felt like when the narrator left we were losing a friend. :)

Road to Hana = SUCCESS!!!

We loved this app and cant imagine what it would have been like without it on the road to Hana. What a blast it was to hear the history of Maui along the way too! Dont forget an aux cord and USB charger for the car rental!! A+++

I HIGHLY recommend this app!

Best 4.99 ever spent! Do not do the road to Hana without this app! It was perfect, suggestions were spot on, informative, but not overwhelming... I was so impressed, I wish I had bought the full island tour the day we arrived! We ran into others along the way using the app and everyone was in agreement, best way to explore the road to Hana. I wish I had known about this app for our Yellowstone adventure, it wouldve helped tremendously!

A Must!

I couldnt imagine the Road to Hana without "Jeffrey" guiding the entire trip...thanks so much for such a wonderful experience and the knowledge that we learned throughout the day will forever be priceless!

Just what we wanted

This is exactly what you need for the drive. The content was perfect. Highly recommend.

No Lava Tubes

We loved this app for our drive, was great and full of good info and telling you where to stop until we got back and realized we missed the Hana Lava Tubes! No mention of them at all! So now were really disappointed.


One of the best apps I ever used. Very informative. It will tell foods places, where to park instead of the crowded areas and all of the main attractions. A must for anyone taking the road to Hana.


We had heard about this app and figured if were going to spend an entire day in the car, the few bucks for the app was a worthwhile gamble/risk. Boy did it pay off HUGE. Narrator is terrific, the timing of his stops perfectly filled the day- not too much, not too little. We couldnt imagine doing the drive without this app. Download this app without any hesitation right now.

So much fun!

The road to Hana is amazing as is, but this tour just made the trip plain old fun. Youll get tips and insights you wont find anywhere else, exactly when and where you need them, and presented in an upbeat and helpful manner. Highly recommend.


I, too, hardly ever write reviews. I wish I had found this and the more comprehensive general Maui version a long time ago. Having been to the island countless times, I thought I knew a great deal about this wonderful place but learned more about the island in a few hours with this guide than I had in perhaps as much as 200 days spent here. Aside from a scant few painful jokes, the narrator is outstanding. The app functions wonderfully except for the fact that there is no master list of the audio portions such that they can be listened to without clicking on the map itself. There is a preview mode that permits listening to various portions without driving them (constantly updates based on where you are) but a master list would still be useful as well as an accompanying index. Really good app and highly recommend. My complaints could be fixed easily in an update.

A Must for Road to Hana!

We did the road to Hana a few years ago, with just the info packets from the concierge at our Hotel. We all got a little car sick and didnt feel like we got much out of the trip. This time, we downloaded this app and man, was it worth every penny and then some! We LOVED the Road to Hana!! The narrator to our tour was amazing. He does such a great job informing you on each stop, why you may or may not like it, and he gives the 5 most absolutely "To Dos" on the Road to Hana. We experienced so much more this time around, and were able to do everything that we wanted to do and in great timing. The narrator even shares really entertaining stories about most of the areas along the road to Hana and what makes them and the villages around unique. He also shares history of Maui and the Hawaiian islands. And an added bonus, he lets you know what food stops are the best! This is a must for the Road To Hana!! Dont try without it!

Top spots and good parking tips

Great narrator. We left Lahaina around 9am and arrived back to the airport around 5pm. The app will give you a heads up on when and where to turn off and where to park. This saved a lot of time and he narrated what to expect/see at each spot. We didnt stop everywhere but it made it easy to choose which ones we did want to stop at. Well worth the $5. We learned about the Hawaiian culture with the narrating. As you travel through the spots it will automatically play even when you dont have service.

Turn a good trip into a great one

My family and I spent 9 hours on Mauis "Road to Hana" and return yesterday and used this app for both directions. "App Man" as my children named him was fantastic. The suggestions on where to stop were excellent and perfectly timed. The history and stories told on the return trip were interesting and helped wile away the hours on the drive back. Well done! We will seek out more Gypsy Guides for future travels.

A must have !!

This is a must have on the road to Hana! Tells you whats worth stopping for and whats not, where to park, etc. he also gives you history. Bring a phone charger!!! You have to keep the app open the whole time to keep him talking tho and your phone will die by the end and you wont get to hear him on the way back

Its a must! Skip the tour bus!!!

It worked exactly as described. Our drive was more enjoyable and educational! My husband had taken a tour bus trip a few years ago. He said they made the same "necessary" stops, but the Gypsy Guide allowed us to go at our own pace and taught more history of the island.


A perfect App to guide you through all sights and the entire day! A must-have for everyone driving the road to Hana!

Made the drive great!

App was super simple to use. Was nervous about finding the best spots on the ride and this app was perfect. Would easily be worth $50


Great app to have for the do-it-yourself drive to Hana!

Great companion on your drive to Hana

Must get and a great value. Only complaint is the inconsistent use of "we" throughout the narrative.

A must have for the road to Hana trip!

Great app - I dont think I would have enjoyed the trip without it!

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